Core Values Index™

Core Values Index™

Harness the power of the CVI™ across your entire team and ensure everyone is in the right seat for their strengths and core values profile. The CVI is the psychometric assessment that has the highest repeat reliability (97.7%) on the market today.

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Unmatched Psychometric Assessment Performance

The Core Values Index™ assessment is a revolutionary psychometric assessment with the highest repeat reliability rating on the market today*.

The CVI™ bypasses mere personality and behavior to reveal the individual's unchanging motivational drivers and sense for how they are hardwired to contribute in the workplace.


The CVI only takes about 8 minutes to complete.
The CVI provides the highest repeat reliability* of any psychometric assessment on the market today, 97.7%.
The CVI is an easy to complete online assessment, and you don't need special training to interpret the results.
* Repeat score reliability is the measurement of how much an assessment stays the same over time.

The CVI provides a clear and useful picture of the innate, unchanging nature of an individual. No other personality or behavioral assessment comes close.


Repeat Reliability In longitudinal studies, the Core Values Index earned a 97.7% repeat reliability score. This means if you take the CVI at age 20 and again at age 60, your scores will vary no more than 2.3%.
Unmatched Myers-Briggs, the closest competing big name psychometric assessment, struggles to reach repeat reliability between 75%-90% and the rest have even lower performance than that. [Source]
Intuitive Results You don't need special training to understand the results of a Core Values Index assessment. Results are intuitive and easy to understand, yet provide powerful insights into what makes the individual tick.
Complete Results Each CVI assessment comes with a fully customized 17-page report, unique to the individual. The custom report includes complete information about the individual's personality DNA, including primary and secondary core value descriptions, a quadrant graph showing the numerical and weighted values of each core energy, strategies for success and fulfillment, as well as challenges and conflict resolution strategies, all in an easy to follow format.

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