Job Listings

Job Listings

Post job listings and get national exposure through ZipRecruiter™ integration for a low monthly fee. Integration with our Applicant Tracking System is automatic and seamless.

Turnover of staff hired through a Top Performer Profile has dropped to practically zero.

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Job Listings

Cost-effective Job Listings — Seamless Integration

eRep's job listing seamlessly integrates with ZipRecruiter™ for national job listing exposure. Employers can post and manage their listing from one tool while gaining seamless access to over 100 job boards through ZipRecruiter.


eRep's active job listings engine has these benefits:

Seamless Our one-stop solution gives your job listing exposure to over 100 job boards with only a single screen to manage.
Cost-effective For an inexpensive flat fee, your job listing gets effective exposure to thousands of candidates nationwide.
Integrated eRep's job listing solution is integrated with your ATS account, giving you convenient access to candidates throughout the hiring lifecycle.

Some ATS systems require you to log into different systems, one for posting your job and another for tracking applicants. Some even require that you import job applications manually.

eRep's job listing and ATS systems work together, connecting to ZipRecruiter's job posting system seamlessly. Your open position gets the exposure to thousands of potential candidates you need while everything is managed in one easy-to-use tool.


Integrated The eRep job listing engine is integrated with our Applicant Tracking System and ZipRecruiter. No logging into different systems or jumping between screens.
Easy What's the point of power that is hard to use? eRep's job listing engine is insanely simple to use.
Inexpensive Post jobs for a simple flat fee and gain exposure to over 100 job boards through ZipRecruiter integration for no extra charge.

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