Apex - Pay Equity

Apex - Pay Equity

Ensuring your organization pays your staff equitably (as defined by the law) can be a very time-consuming and burdensome endeavor. Apex was created by eRep to make this process as easy and accurate as possible.

Apex by eRep made our internal pay equity audit much easier and more accurate.

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Advanced Pay Equity Compliance System

NOTE: In 2017, the State of Oregon passed the Pay Equity Act, which took effect January 1, 2019. The law takes firm steps to ensure employers compensate their employees equitably.

Inspired by Oregon's Pay Equity Act, eRep created Apex, the Advanced Pay Equity Compliance System. Apex helps organizations compensate their employees equitably and comply with the law where applicable.

Even if you don't operate in Oregon, if you have two or more employees in your organization—including yourself—Apex is for you.

Ensuring employees are paid equitably can be a tedious process, and employers need all the help they can get to efficiently gather all relevant employee data and analyze it. That's why eRep create Apex.

How Apex Helps

Apex, eRep's Advanced Pay Equity Compliance System, is a web-based application that helps organizations compensate their employees equitably—especially when required by law—in two key ways:

Data Management
Efficiently gather all required employee data into a well-managed system, saving you time.
Analyze your employee and job data and provide reports that identify possible pay inequities. This helps ensure you are compliant with applicable laws.


Apex by eRep provide these benefits:

Gathering all relevant employee data in one place is a challenge. Apex streamlines the process with an efficient templating system that saves you a lot of time.
The analysis provided by Apex gives you the information you need to identify any compensation inequities that may exist.
Several powerful reports give you the ability to immediately spot key trouble areas at a glance, and dive deep when more thorough analysis is needed, all in one easy to use application.

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Risk Free Discovery Program

Learn how eRep Employer Services powered by the CVI can benefit your organization with our Risk Free Discovery Program.

Risk Free Discovery Program

Learn how eRep Employer Services powered by the CVI can benefit your organization with our Risk Free Discovery Program.

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