Media and Logos

Media and Logos

For press releases, articles, and other media purposes, we provide a selection of official eRep videos and logos in various formats.


Introduction to the CVI

The Core Values Index Assessment is the most accurate way to measure the innate, unchanging nature of an individual. More than just a personality test, with a 97% repeatability score, no other psychometric or cognitive assessment tool comes close. The CVI is the foundation of the eRep platform, a system of powerful applications that take talent acquisition and talent management to the highest level of performance available.

Core Values Index: The Profound Impact of the CVI

Rob Williams, a distinguished business consultant, discusses the profound impact the Core Values Index (CVI) psychometric assessment has had on his professional and personal life.

Challenging Cognitive Biases in Hiring

The use of objective data in hiring is growing. Psychometric assessments like the Core Values Index are revolutionizing the job market. With all this data now available, why are cognitive biases still prevalent in the hiring process? In this video, we discuss the twelve most common forms of bias in hiring and present ways to recognize and eliminate them.

Top Performer Profiles by eRep

Use a TPP to define the role, then match applicants based on their CVI profile with unprecedented accuracy. Candidates hired with a highly recommended TPP+CVI match are often up to 50% more productive than those hired through traditional selection methods.

Engagement and Success: A Happy Combination

Disengagement has potentially serious costs for employers. A bad hire can cost the company up to 3x that employee's annual salary in lost productivity. Find out what happens when the right person is put in the right seat.

Performance Fuel by eRep

Fuel your team's performance with measurable outcomes and objectives. Leverage the powerful Performance Fuel Formula of clarity, purpose and feedback for greater employee engagement and productivity. Eliminate annual performance evaluations and get objective and subjective performance data in near real-time.

3 CVIs for Free

The best way to learn how the eRep suite of services based on the Core Values Index can benefit your organization is to try it out for free!

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