Top Performer Profile™ (TPP)

Top Performer Profile™ (TPP)

Use a TPP to define the role, then match applicants based on their CVI™ profile with unprecedented accuracy. Candidates hired with a highly recommended TPP+CVI match are often up to 200% more productive than those hired through traditional selection methods.

Without Performance Fuel and the CVI, our employees and their supervisors would be flying blind.

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Top Performer Profile™

During the Hire

The concept of eRep's Top Performer Profile™ is simple: define the role, then select candidates that match it.

But don't let that simplicity fool you. Hiring to a TPP is a powerful way to take employee productivity to new heights.

Employees hired with a CVI™ that closely matches a Top Performer Profile often outperform candidates hired without a TPP match by 50% or more.

After the Hire

Use the CVI and TPP after the hire to analyze and optimize your staff. Align individuals to the role that best suits their psychometric profile. Gain improved performance and employee engagement with unprecedented accuracy.

CVI scores and TPP scores are presented in a grid showing 'fit' for each role. Candidates with a green arrow are highly recommended matches for that role. Using this grid, employers can identify the level of fit and match between employees and the top performer profiles of their roles.

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Employees hired with a CVI that closely matches a Top Performer Profile often outperform candidates hired without a TPP match by 200% or more. → Learn more


Top Performer Profiles by eRep provide these benefits:

Increase individual performance by 50% or more.
Avoid disengaged employees that can cost up to 3x their annual salary in lost productivity.
Reduce turnover and retain your top talent.

eRep's Top Performer Profile system uses the objective data found in job candidates' CVI scores (their innate unchanging nature) and compares it against the role's TPP score. The mathematical precision of this system gives your organization unprecedented hiring accuracy.

This CVI-TPP comparison method eliminates tedious and time-consuming inefficiencies from the screening process and fast-tracks the hiring team to a narrow group of ideal candidates.

How Does It Work

Definition Using statistical processes to analyze existing staff and facilitated sessions for new positions, the characteristics of the role are defined.
Role Score The role is converted into a minimum and maximum CVI range and ideal score.
Candidate CVIs Both candidates and current employees take the CVI and receive a score using the same numerical scale as the TPP.
Recommended Match Individual CVI scores are compared against the TPP, and grouped into varying recommendation levels.

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