Executive Services

Executive Services

Unleash your organization's full potential with our suite of executive services, all based upon the legendary Core Values Index™ psychometric assessment.

Maximize the cost-benefit of your talent acquisition and talent management experience with personalized consultation and training.

Our team's productivity and engagement has gone way up since we implemented Performance Fuel.

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Executive Services

Take Your Team's Performance to the Next Level with On-site CVI™ Foundations Training Sessions

Our CVI Foundations Sessions are three must-have training seminars — conducted at your location — to make sure you get the most bang-for-the-buck out of the initiative. It might just be the most beneficial (and entertaining!) training experience your team will ever have.
Day 1—
This foundational session gets your proficiency ball rolling. This engaging session is a must-have boot camp for teams new to the CVI. It is filled with descriptions of how the CVI works with entertaining and informative stories to better explain how to get the most out of it — and why it is so incredibly effective at explaining how each of us sees the world and prefer to operate within it. This isn't some boring lecture, either. Our attendees often comment (compliment!) about how fast the time goes by in their enthusiasm to start using the CVI right away. [2.5 hours]
Day 2—
"Conflict Strategies"
Building on the foundation set on day 1, this session is a deeper dive into the fascinating yet critical area of conflict strategies. We reveal the specific ways the CVI influences our reactions and responses to conflict, and we explore the various core value energies within each of us and how they can be harnessed to embrace and appreciate the contributions and values of others. We also learn how to use the CVI to foster empathy, improve communications, and navigate interpersonal conflict more effectively. [2.5 hours]
Day 3—
The course wraps up with this transformative session that gives your team the knowledge and skills they need to use the Core Values Index to better understand and improve communications. Learn how the core value energies within each person's CVI profile influence and shape their communication styles — how the CVI defines the lens through which each of us sees the world. We then transform that knowledge into actionable skills and methods to take your team's ability to communicate to a whole new level. [2.5 hours]
Additional Information About CVI Foundations Sessions

Our CVI Foundations Sessions are not only informative, they're fun. Attendees frequently give these seminars high praise for their engaging and entertaining style.

These on-site training sessions are a cost-effective way for your team to quickly and efficiently get the most out of the world's most reliable and accurate1 psychometric assessment, the Core Values Index. Each session is conducted on-site at your place of business, saving you thousands of dollars on travel expenses. Although in-person session are most effective, Zoom sessions are available if required. Up to 15 attendees per session; more attendees may participate at low additional cost.

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We are happy to answer any questions you have about the CVI Foundations Sessions or about the Core Values Index in general. Availability is limited so it's best to schedule early.

Leadership Coaching

The world's best athletes rely on coaches to keep them at the top of their game. Your leadership role demands the same level of coaching and executive services to keep you at the top of your game, too.

eRep's suite of executive services, all centered around the powerful and reliable Core Values Index psychometric assessment, are backed by decades of proven industry experience and success.

What do you want to achieve? The expertise and insight our executive coaching services provide will clarify and enhance your path to winning outcomes.

Leadership Team Review Ensure everyone on your executive team is on their A-game and in the role that is a precision fit for their psychometric profiles.
Executive Coaching With the power of the Core Values Index psychometric assessment as your foundation, get the edge you need to succeed.

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