CVI Shorts: 25 Tips, Tricks, and Trivia About the Core Values Index

Steve Williamson, VP Digital Marketing and Content, eRep, Inc.
Monday, August 14, 2023
CVI Shorts: 25 Tips, Tricks, and Trivia About the Core Values Index

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Here is a list of 25 top tips, useful tricks, and interesting trivia about the Core Values Index™, the world's most reliable and accurate personality test and psychometric assessment.

  1. Each of the four core values found in the CVI share roughly equal representation within the population.
  2. Merchants are more likely to self-select to take the CVI than are Builders, Innovators or Bankers.
  3. Understanding your own CVI profile is your first priority when wanting to get along better with others. Understanding the CVI profile of others is a very close second in terms of usefulness.
  4. Compatibility between two people can likely be calculated, or at least estimated, using their respective CVI profile scores.
  5. Your secondary core value energy influences how your primary core value manifests. Their difference in scores precisely measures this amount of influence.
  6. The six Contribution Types — Intuitive, Creative, Cognitive, Community, Practical, and Independent — are calculated by adding two of your core value energy scores.
  7. An employee hired with a "highly recommended" match between their CVI profile and the Top Performer Profile of their role will likely be 200% more productive and experience 50% or lower turnover compared to their non-matched peers.
  8. Most people are in their current job or career through a series of experiences and even trial and error, with less deliberate intent than they would like. As you can imagine, this is a very inefficient way to find the ideal occupational path.
  9. What makes you unique is the combination of both your hardwired emotional psychometric profile (reflected in your CVI) and your experiences. You are a product of both nature and nurture.
  10. Data shows that a person's Core Values Index psychometric profile is essentially fixed at birth.
  11. You cannot willfully change your Core Values Index psychometric profile. It is innate.
  12. Over a million people have completed the Core Values Index psychometric assessment.
  13. The CVI was created by Lynn Ellsworth Taylor and was initially launched in 1998.
  14. The CVI takes less time to complete yet is more accurate and reliable than all of its competitors.
  15. If you take the CVI today and again in ten years, your scores will likely differ by less than 3%.
  16. The Happiness Index is the only self-satisfaction and employee happiness survey in the world that is calibrated to the individual's specific psychometric profile. It measures what makes them happy, not based on what makes others happy.
  17. Each CVI is calculated individually based solely on the participant's responses. It does not rely on previous response scores the way many often-flawed Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems can be.
  18. On average, it takes only 8 minutes to complete the Core Values Index psychometric assessment.
  19. There is no need to take the CVI more than once, and if you do, your second assessment results may be tainted by your "curse of knowledge" after taking it the first time. In other words, your first assessment is likely to be the most accurate at reflecting your innate, unchanging nature.
  20. It is extremely difficult to deliberately skew your CVI results because of the nature of how it works. There are no right or wrong answers and it's very difficult to guess how your responses will result in a particular score.
  21. Couples who share at least one primary or secondary core value in their CVI profiles often have an easier time getting along than couples with disparate or even opposite profile shapes. However, even couples with very different CVI profiles can still have long and happy relationships if they know, understand and honor each other's differences.
  22. Your Core Values Index profile doesn't measure your aptitude. Instead, it determines the kind of activities and way of operating in the world that makes you happiest, and by pursuing those kind of activities you are more likely to succeed in life.
  23. By studying how the CVI works, you can quickly learn "tells" in other people's behavior to indicate their likely primary and even secondary core value energies. This is a huge advantage in relationships, both personal and professional. It also works wonders in improving communication.
  24. Every full CVI from includes The Core Values Handbook as a PDF download, written by the creator of the CVI, Lynn Ellsworth Taylor. It is profoundly useful to those who want to have a greater understanding of how the CVI works both within themselves and in others.
  25. Of the four core value energies, those who are primary Innovators are the coolest and best looking.

(The author of this article is a 27-Innovator/17-Banker.)

Core Values Index™ and CVI™ are trademarks of Taylor Protocols, Inc.

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Steve Williamson

Steve Williamson

Innovator/Banker - VP Digital Marketing and Content, eRep, Inc.

Steve has a career in project management, software development and technical team leadership spanning three decades. He is the author of a series of fantasy novels called The Taesian Chronicles (, and when he isn't writing, he enjoys cycling, old-school table-top role-playing games, and buzzing around the virtual skies in his home-built flight simulator.

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