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  • What are some ways I can use the Happiness Index?

    Using the Happiness Index assessment tool is very easy. You can take as many individual assessments as you wish, although we recommend no more than once per quarter as this can lead to survey fatigue. If your employer subscribes to the Happiness Index application, they may invite you to take assessments based on a particular schedule.

    You can take a happiness index assessment when thinking about a career change or when considering which college degree to pursue. Take a follow-up assessment six months later to gauge how well it's going.

    Your employer may ask you to take a happiness index assessment at the beginning of a big project at work, and again when it's complete. Or, it may be part of an annual or biannual performance review.

    The Happiness Index is a great way to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of life changes or work progress. It answers the question:

    'How close am I to reaching my full potential of happiness, engagement, and fulfillment?'

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