Find out what makes you tick

Steve Williamson, VP Digital Marketing and Content, eRep, Inc.
Monday, July 1, 2019
Find out what makes you tick

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There are things you like and things you don't. There are people you enjoy being around and people you'd rather avoid. There are activities you're naturally good at and activities best left to others.

For all these points about your particular pros and cons, ups and downs, do's and don'ts, do you know why?

Every aspect of your personality has a reason.

For each characteristic that defines what makes you you, there is both a description and a cause.

At eRep, we talk a lot about the use of the Core Values Index psychometric assessment in hiring and other employer-centric services. However, one of the biggest benefits of the CVI is personal enrichment.

The CVI has been taken by nearly 1 million individuals, and that number is growing daily. It is also the most reliable psychometric assessment or personality test on the market today, with a repeat reliability rating of 97.7% according to longitudinal studies.

The numbers are there to support the CVI as the premier psychometric assessment on the market today.

But what about its personal impact?

When you take the CVI and read your profile report, there are several key insights that will give you the best immediate benefit.

Click here to view a sample full CVI report.

Understand that the CVI report you are reading describes your innate, unchanging self. It describes the core part of you that governs your most basic personality traits. Are you a natural problem solver? Do you crave knowledge? Is it your first instinct to take charge and get things done? Are you happiest when encouraging and motivating others to pursue a common goal?

The CVI descriptors reveal your most instinctual self. They describe how you are hardwired, your personality's DNA.

The key to your full CVI report is your relative scores between the four core value energies. They are Builder, which represents power and action; Merchant, which represents love and connectedness; Innovator, which represents wisdom and problem-solving; and Banker, which represents knowledge and justice.

Your full CVI report shows your scores allocated amongst these four core value energies. Each will be a number from 0 to 36, and the total of all four will equal exactly 72. This means if one core value energy score is high, one or more other core value scores will be lower.

How does your CVI score describe your personality?

Your scores describe how much of your emotional energy, your innate and hardwired nature, dwells within that personality category. Builders, for example, like to take charge and get things done. If your highest CVI score is in the Builder category, this would describe the predominant aspect of your personality.

Your secondary score matters, too. For example, if your second-highest core value energy is Innovator, it contributes to your overall personality, although to a lesser extent than your primary core value. Let's say you are a Builder/Innovator, with relative scores of 27/20, respectively. You would be described as someone who likes to independently get things done, preferring challenges that require problem-solving rather than merely following pre-defined processes (a Banker would prefer that).

There is a lot of insight to be found in your lowest core value energy scores, too. Specifically, you rarely if ever access energies represented by scores lower than 12. If you have a Banker score of 8, for example, you would see the gathering and tabulating of knowledge as a tedious chore you will consciously and unconsciously avoid whenever possible.

It is your particular combination of the four scores that reveals the total picture of your personality. Don't let the four categories fool you. There are millions and millions of different score combinations between them.

To add further clarity to your CVI picture, your full report includes your allocation among six contribution types. These are Independent, Community, Cognitive, Practical, Intuitive, and Creative. As with your core value energy scores, if you are high in one or two of the six contribution types, other scores will be relatively lower.

Your full CVI report provides a lot more insight about your personality than is mentioned here. Useful information includes conflict resolution strategies, communication styles, and even learning styles.

What Next

If you have taken the free CVI before, you can upgrade your account to view your full report without having to take the assessment again. If you have never taken the CVI before, you can take the assessment and get your full report all in one easy step.

Go to for more information or to take your CVI today.

Go to to learn more about the CVI or to take the Core Values Index assessment.

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Steve Williamson

Steve Williamson

Innovator/Banker - VP Digital Marketing and Content, eRep, Inc.

Steve has a career in project management, software development and technical team leadership spanning three decades. He is the author of a series of fantasy novels called The Taesian Chronicles (, and when he isn't writing, he enjoys cycling, old-school table-top role-playing games, and buzzing around the virtual skies in his home-built flight simulator.

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