eRep Services

eRep Services

eRep provides a comprehensive suite of talent acquisition and talent management services for employers as well as personal growth services for individuals, all based on the Core Values Index psychometric assessment.

eRep Services

Whether you are an employer with hundreds of employees looking to improve your operational success, or an individual seeking to better your life experience, every service we provide is designed from the ground up to foster your growth. At the center of everything we do is the most reliable psychometric assessment on the market today, the Core Values Index (CVI).

Individual Services

  • The Core Values Index (CVI) psychometric assessment
  • Job search
  • Happiness Index personal assessment and growth tool
  • Resume management
  • Industry qualifications

Employer Services

  • Top Performer Profiles™ — Define the role, then match candidates based on their CVI profile.
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) — Seamless integration between job listings and applicant profiles.
  • Job listings — Integration with ZipRecruiter™ and 100 other job listing boards nationwide, all included at a competitive price.
  • Core Values Index — Use the CVI psychometric assessment to put the right people into the right seats.
  • Performance Fuel — Employee management suite that doesn't just track performance, it boosts it.
  • Happiness Index — Happiness and engagement assessment tool calibrated to the individual's CVI score.
  • Apex — Apex is eRep's Advanced Pay Equity Compliance system, helping companies ensure they comply with legal requirements to pay their employees equitably.

3 CVIs for Free

The best way to learn how the eRep suite of services based on the Core Values Index can benefit your organization is to try it out for free!

Create a free account and get three CVIs for your executive team without cost or obligation.