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eRep is a new way to hire and be hired. In three easy steps your profile can be ready for viewing by employers looking to fill open positions. Complete a profile and take the Core Values Index assessment and you are ready for employers to find you.

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Core Values IndexeRep brings you the most accurate human assessment, the Core Values Index. Discover the "Who You Are" today.

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What eRep Delivers

Broader Applicant Pool

  • Optimize use of dozens of traditional hiring channels
  • Tap into social networks and the power of referrals
  • Recruit outside of your warm market

Top Performer Identification

  • Implement custom screening questions
  • Utilize industry-leading capability & innate nature assessments
  • Identify the "who" you are before you begin the search

Streamlined Process

  • Make only one job posting
  • Pick interviewees from the prioritized list of applicants on one dashboard
  • Applicant profile complete and ready for review