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Mission Alive exists to bring about the holistic transformation of marginalized communities through starting and renewing innovative churches that address the most challenging issues faced by their neighbors.

We believe God is calling passionate, motivated and action-oriented leaders to start new innovative churches.  These leaders have a calling to lead and can connect with others, sharing with them the vision God has given them, inspiring them to engage and participate in the mission of God toward developing a sustainable spiritual community.  The most successful church planters strive to develop relationships and take the initiative to meet their neighbors.  The very best church planting leaders become experts of the community where they live and develop long-term strategies that build teams and bring people together around the name of Jesus and for the sake of the larger community.  

Do you think you might be this kind of leader?

Has God wired you to:

  • Gather, connect and inspire people?
  • Learn the culture and community so you can contextualize the Gospel?
  • As a strong communicator?
  • To build rapport, share the vision and build excitement?
  • Raise funds and care for donors?
  • Design and develop innovative church systems and processes?
  • Be a spiritual leader who is rooted in prayer?
  • Build teams and develop leaders?
  • Plan and prepare lessons, service opportunities, prayer, and missional engagement?
  • Maintain your own spiritual health, disciplines, and practices?

If you answered even a few of these, God may be calling you to start a new, innovative church.

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