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Velox Systems
Employment Type
Bend, OR 97701
$50,000.00 - $60,000.00 Annually
Medical, Retirement Savings


Velox Systems is dedicated to improving the lives of our customers and creating a more stable and prosperous economy. We do that by providing unsurpassed quality IT service to customers throughout the Northwest. Our services enable our customers to be more effective at their jobs through fast IT support and preventative maintenance, as we keep their businesses more secure through risk management and disaster recovery protocols.

Velox Systems is looking for a skilled and effective technician to assess and solve problems for our clients as they run into technical questions with their day-to-day tasks.   The position will entail communicating with clients in writing and via phone, identifying their need and problem, designing a solution and working with the client through that solution to get them back to work.  Throughout this process documentation of the problem, solution and strategy will be essential.  Fun phone banter, working with our enthusiastic team of technical professionals, and exploring all areas of business technology solutions will also be a positive part of the experience.


Business Solutions Tech

Help Desk Tech

IT Hero

Tech Hero

Customer Support Specialist

IT Ninja

Support Specialist


  • Be an active part of the Team phone queue and take phone calls from clients.
  • Create tickets when necessary from Phone Calls, Client Emails, and Issues found when working within client systems.
  • Monitor Team service desk throughout the day to ensure that no ticket goes unworked. As calendar allows, self-assign new tickets.
  • Keep response times quick
  • When possible reach out to other team members to assist in closing old/stale/trouble tickets
  • All tickets should be placed and calendar up to date.
  • As the day goes on and plans change, calendar should be maintained and updated constantly.
  • Ensure all service calls are up to date every day and nothing is left unscheduled
  • Update Client documentation and information as changes arise in all current systems.

  • Work tickets
  • Client care
  • Prioritize ticket status
  • Organize workload
  • Travel


  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Ability to deal with healthy ambiguity and conflict
  • High technical aptitude with at least 2 years of technical support experience
  • Windows server
  • AD
  • Windows 10
  • Business management aptitude
  • Statistical and historical data analysis
  • An understanding of networking and security fundamentals

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