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West Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center
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Portland, OR 97219


West Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center endeavors to create a caring and supportive environment by utilizing every modality to bring out the best in all of our clients. We strive for excellence in all we do by providing professional and compassionate care. We value education and exceptional customer service. We provide Quality of Life designed to meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of our residents, families, staff and community. In order to provide quality care to our residents, we need to hire and train staff to become Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). Philosophy Our basic philosophy is to provide the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the Oregon State Nursing Assistant Competency Exam, and to be prepared for success in an entry-level position as a CNA in our nursing facility. Purpose The program is designed to teach the nursing assistant student important concepts such as infection control, safety, basic nursing skills, communication and being an integral member of the health care team. Our goal is to train nursing assistant students so they will become certified and obtain employment to enhance the quality of care for Oregon Citizens.


Student will complete a five week program consisitng of 155+ hours of classroom and lab instruction as well as incorporating their knowledge and practicing their skills by particpating in the clinical setting.


COURSE REQUIREMENTS - Complete and submit application and questionnaire - Must be 17 years or older (under age of 18, signature of legal guardian required) - Criminal Background check prior to start of online portion (we provide this) - Drug test prior to start of online portion (we provide this) - Be able to read, write and communicate in English fluently - Must pass final exam for classroom work with a grade of 80% or better in order to proceed in program to clinicals - TB test or chest x-ray completed prior to clinical training portion (we provide TB test) - CPR certified through Red Cross or American Heart Association prior to clinical training portion (we provide this) - Closed toed, rubber soled shoes - provided by student - Nursing scrubs any color/pattern that is appropriate and in good condition must be worn to all classes - provided by student - Watch with a second hand - provided by student - $100 fee collected at time of orientation/registration. 100% refunded if employed after 90 days of employment

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