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Veenhuizen Painting Specialties
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Portland 97290
$25.00 - $25.00 Hourly

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Veenhuizen Painting Specialties values form the foundation of our company. 

We know you fit with us if you want to live out the following values. You have indicated by taking this job that you will:

Wow the Customer - The way you treat customers earns great comments and five-star reviews. 

Walk your Talk - Walking your talk means you do what you say you will.  You are to be known as someone who can be counted on to deliver consistently. 

Elevate the Team - Honoring the team means that you represent everyone in the company favorably. Your timeliness, honesty, work ethic, politeness, basically everything you do reflects on your company and co-workers. 

This person reports to the Operations Manager.  This person supervises Site Leads.


  • This position starts at $25 per hour (Depending on experience level).

Safety & Health

Veenhuizen has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol and will terminate this Employment Agreement with cause. Veenhuizen may choose to prosecute any employee to the full extent of the law who is found to be using either drugs or alcohol during their daily duties. 

Respect of Environment

All employees must refrain from the use of inappropriate language on and around Veenhuizen job sites and while conducting any company business. 

Sick Days & Absenteeism

There are paid sick days according to governmental Labor Standards. For clarity of communication and maintenance of the Veenhuizen team and our customer-s experience, notify your supervisor at least 2 hours in advance if you need to miss time.  

You may be required to bring a doctor-s report when you come back to work for illnesses requiring more than 3 consecutive days off.

Resignation, Employee Enforcement & Termination

Certain circumstances may lead to reprimanding prior to termination by way of a -3 strikes you-re out- scenario. Such actions may include but are not limited to:

1. Unsatisfactory completion of work or fulfillment of your position. 

2. Not showing up to work or not showing up to work without proper notice given.

3. General disinterest towards the job or lack of execution which brings down the morale of the other Veenhuizen team members.  

4. Overall bad attitude.

All terms of this Employment Agreement are subject to change. No terms of this agreement should be considered prescient setting for upcoming employment contracts. By signing this document, I agree to and understand all of the preceding policies. 



The Production Manager is a key person that delivers training to the crew, ensures production schedules are met, that work is done in a safe manner, and customer expectations are met.


  • Production - Gross margin achieved 43%.
  • Training - Phase 1: Produce -The Veenhuizen Way- Training Program for all painter levels including all skills in conjunction with the Operations Manager, General Manager, and Documentation Coordinator. Phase 2: Ensure on-going administration of -The Veenhuizen Way- Training Program reaches company objectives. 
  • Safety - No loss time due to work accidents.
  • Quality - 95% 5-Star Review Customer Satisfaction


1. Production

  • At job setup: provide tools, equipment, and production planning to achieve target hours.
  • Work alongside of Site Leads then Painters (where needed) and show most productive ways while adhering to quality standards.
  • Line out step by step goals to Site Leads then Painters (where needed) to achieve production goals and verify.
  • Keep track of hours worked per job and log daily for production planning strategies. 

2. Training

  • Attend all company meetings as requested by the Operations Manager.
  • Phase 1: Attend all mandatory training/development meetings. 
  • Phase 2: Keep Employee Scorecards (Record of each employee-s skill set) updated.
  • Phase 2: Train team members in each skill task meeting quality and production objectives.
  • Phase 2: Ensure necessary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are produced.

3. Safety

  • Must stay up-to-date with all required safety requirements for job site safety compliance.
  • Ensure all up-to-date safety measures are implemented.
  • Any hazards noted at a job site must be reported immediately to Operations Manager and Contractor-s Project Manager. Immediately take action to resolve any hazards.
  • Any injuries on job sites must immediately be reported to Operations Manager and an Accident Report must be completed immediately when necessary.

4. Quality

  • Inspect all jobs to ensure they meet Veenhuizen quality standards.
  • Show on-site team how to resolve any quality issues.



  • At least 8 years of experience
  • Painting Abilities: Must have all Journeyman level painting skills.
  • Leadership Abilities: Must be able to design and implement plans to accomplish jobs in an efficient manner. Organize, direct, correct, motivate, and train people. 


  • Reliable Transportation: Truck/Van, a plus
  • Valid/current Driver-s License is required!  (No exceptions!)
  • Valid/current vehicle insurance is required!  (No exceptions!)
  • You will be using your own vehicle to get from job site to job site.
  • Must have good verbal and written communication skills
  • Capable of passing a drug test
  • Proof of ID and Legal Residency is required
  • Complete the CVI assessment.

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