Discover Your Top Performers

Discover Your Top Performers

Seek and hire the best talent that is aligned to the role with the power of the Core Values Index, the psychometric assessment with the highest repeat reliability on the market today.

Applicant Tracking System


The eRep Applicant Tracking System integrates with our job listing and Core Values Index assessment features to provide the most powerful ATS tool on the market today.


  • Fully integrated with the CVI and Top Performer Profiles™
  • With a TPP, group candidates by High Recommend, Low Recommend, or No Recommend status
  • Track the hiring process from application to hire decision
  • View applicant CVI profiles
  • Easy to use!


  • Fully integrated with applicants' CVI scores
  • Follows entire hiring process, from initial application to hiring decision
  • Easily change applicant status throughout the entire hiring process
  • Organize applicants by status


The eRep Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is included in all of our employer packages at no additional charge.