Core Values Index™
for Professionals

Core Values Index™
for Professionals

Q: Do you dislike your job?

A: Take the CVI to find out why.

If you're unhappy with your job (or your whole career) and are thinking about a change, look before you leap!
  • → Personalized career planning and ideal jobs unique to your personality type
  • → Learn why some jobs or career paths will likely suit you better than others
  • → Get your results in just 8 minutes
  • → World's most reliable psychometric assessment — 97.7%!
  • → Ideal for all working professionals — even students!


It's never too late to determine if your job or career track is right for you. Get answers in 8 minutes for just $49.95.

Benefits of the CVI & Personalized Career Guide

  • NEW! Get a Personalized Career Guide with advice and a list of careers ideally suited to your personality, a $39.95 value, now included free with your CVI purchase.
  • Discover which careers are most commonly associated with your personality type.
  • Have you ever asked, "What career is best for me?" Find out in just 8 minutes.
  • Unlock the secrets of which career paths are closely aligned to your personality's DNA and why.


  • Overcome Conflict — Learn personalized conflict resolution strategies and how to react more positively
  • Improve Relationships — Learn what influences your behavior as well as the behavior of others
  • Learn Efficiently — Uncover your optimal learning style
  • Communicate Like a Pro — Improve your ability to communicate and to better understand others
  • Understand what makes you tick and why you see the world the way you do

What You Get:

The Core Values HandbookYour CVI personality profile includes your Personalized Career Guide plus full-color graphs, conflict resolution strategies, optimal learning style, and "The Core Values Handbook" [PDF, 173 pages] plus much, much more!

A total value of $109.85, all for just $49.95, with a risk-free 10-day money back guarantee!
Careers: Core Values Index for Professionals

Discover your ideal job or career based on the unique strengths and characteristics revealed in your Core Values Index personality profile.

The CVI takes just 8 minutes to complete, and is 100% risk free with a 10-day money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

Take the CVI - $49.95

Verified Results: The CVI achieved 97.7% repeat reliability in longitudinal studies. No other psychometric assessment or personality test even comes close to this level of reliability and accuracy. Source: Seattle Research Partners, 2014