Core Values Index

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What's Included


Customized 17-page report, available on the web and as a downloadable PDF Complete information about your personality's DNA, specifically customized for you, in an easy to use format
Quadrant graph showing relative portions of your core values PLUS actual core value scores Easy to understand graphical representation of your core values and their relationship to each other
Six contribution types raw scores plus weighted value scores Are you creative, intuitive, or independent? How practical, community-minded or cognitive are you? Your raw and weighted value scores describe with remarkable detail how six different personality descriptors apply to you.
Primary and Secondary core value description Clear and easy to understand description of the main components of what makes you unique
Strategies for success and fulfillment A clear path to achieving happiness and finding the best path for you
Challenges and conflict resolution strategies Greater understanding of yourself and how you instinctively respond to challenging situations as well as methods and insights for improving your relationships with others.
Unlimited access to the Happiness Index application Take a Happiness Index self-assessment as often as you like to gauge what areas of your life are providing the greatest fulfillment.
Downloadable The Core Values Handbook [PDF] Learn more about the Core Values Index, how it works, and how it can benefit your life
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