About Us... eRep

eRep.com Inc, recruits highly qualified applicants through its online career portal and presents their profiles to employers across the nation. Our value proposition is reducing the time and effort it takes for employers to locate and hire employees who fit their companies' needs and missions.

At a time when competition for highly qualified workers is set to escalate rapidly, eRep.com is harnessing the power of technology and innovation to create new opportunities for job seekers and revolutionize the way that companies recruit and hire employees. We have developed an online employment service that screens, ranks, and matches candidates nationwide with employers across a broad spectrum of industries.

eRep.com's career portal offers employers and job seekers a significant advantage over its competitors in the online recruiting industry. With a unique screening system that includes industry-specific aptitude testing, wiki collaboration tools, social media technology and verification of credentials, eRep.com saves employers time and money weeding out unqualified job applicants and ranking the top talent available.