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The primary contributions of the Franchisee at Christian Brothers Automotive is to build a strong team that can produce in excess of $2M in sales per year. They will have a high level of self awareness and the ability to motivate and inspire their team. The Franchisee must be a proven servant leader that cares about people and will cast vision and carry it out. This person will have the ability to analyze data and know what improvements need to be made and make them. The Franchisee will maintain a high level of integrity, is a wise steward of both people and finances and looks for opportunities to give back to his/her community. To have success in this role, the Franchisee must be relational and competitive and always strive for excellence.


- Recruiting great talent

- Team building

- Vision Casting

- Operational / financial decisions

- Excellent communication with team

- Individual accountability

- Marketing / Business development


What Are We Looking For?

You may think that to be a franchisee with Christian Brothers Automotive, it's essential that you have previous experience in the automotive industry. That's not actually true. In fact, only about 10% of our franchise partners have been previously employed in the auto industry. Over the years, we have taken a much more comprehensive view of what we look for in our franchisees.

Just some of the key characteristics we're looking for:

We are looking for partners who have made their faith a central part of their lives. The teachings of Christ have informed how we do business for more than 34 years and we continue to take an approach towards customer service that honors his instruction to "love your neighbor as yourself."

We are looking for partners who have strong leadership experience. While auto industry experience isn't necessary, we do like to see that our franchisees have had success leading a team of fellow professionals somewhere in their career. Retail or customer service experience is also helpful.

We are looking for partners who believe in giving back. A sense of charity and concern for the well-being of others is essential to the Christian Brothers Automotive approach.

We are looking for partners financially able to establish a franchise. The savings required to start a Christian Brothers Automotive franchise are low compared to the rest of the industry: just $250,000 in net worth and $85,000 in liquid assets.

We are looking for partners who engage in their community. Most (if not all) of our franchise locations contribute to their local community in some way beyond just providing auto services. Engaging in local events, fundraisers, other opportunities is critical to truly making your franchise a part of the neighborhood.

We are looking for partners who are proactive. The auto industry is constantly changing and presenting us new challenges. We take education and training seriously at Christian Brothers Automotive and consider every franchisee an investment and expect them to be concerned about staying at the forefront of the industry.

We-re not looking for perfect people, but rather people who are up to the challenge, invested in bettering the lives of others, and are ready to stay on top of this competitive industry.

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