Property Maintenance Coordinator/Dispatcher Share:

Bennington Properties
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Sunriver, OR 97707
$18.00 - $22.00 Hourly

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Company Principles

  • Show others that you deeply care and respect them
  • Be accountable and take 100% ownership for your actions (or inactions); reject average
  • Be a part of the solution - see it, own it, solve it, do it
  • Continually develop and grow personally and professionally; growth mindset
Property Maintenance Coordinator/Dispatcher Position
We are looking for an organized, practical and driven Property Services Coordinator to help make sure the Department runs at an optimal level.  It is important that this person cause a steady flow of throughput for property and maintenance work projects, keeping the team efficient and effective by determining which project is most urgent, and create priorities for getting the work done.  This role is mostly a desk/computer job, coordinating tasks and ensuring they are completed.  


  • Run the day-to-day operations for the Property Services Department
  • Schedule all maintenance work, labor and resources
  • Develop time-frames and drive deadlines with the Team
  • Communicate and schedule contractors/vendors to get work completed
  • Communicate and coordinate with homeowners to schedule repairs and fixes
  • Assist Maintenance Techs with problem-solving homeowner client issues to come up with the best solutions
  • Keep Maintenance Department running smoothly and effectively
  • Take accurate notes and records
  • Ensure Techs document and enter all important information
  • Consistent interaction and communication with Techs throughout the day
  • Must have good follow-up and follow-through with a sense of urgency and closure
  • Communication and coordination with Guest Services and Housekeeping teams
  • Ordering parts, organizing the office, keeping equipment clean, receiving packages, etc.


  • Must be available and responsive throughout the day
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Project Management for larger work
  • Task-driven and action-oriented

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