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Veenhuizen Painting Specialties
Portland, OR 97266
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Veenhuizen Painting Specialties is a high end growing residential and commercial painting and finishing company. We are currently looking for the right mid level person to grow to a top performer. Capability and character are vital for applicants. Please complete the Core Values Index assessment at the link below to be considered for this role.below to be considered for this role.


Painting Skills Expected At Start: Most or all of the following: Power Washing, Sanding, Filling, Masking Interiors and Exteriors, Brushing Latex and Oils in Interiors and Exteriors, Rolling Out Walls on Textured and Smooth, Job Site Protection, Clean and Precise Cutting in Capability, Spraying Ability on Exteriors and Interior Walls. Able to set up a job, perform work independently with a high degree of efficiency. Advancement Requirements: Must master all above skills and acquire Site Lead/Skilled Painter Skills. Pay $14.00 to $17.50 per hour depending on ability.products. Able to set up a job, perform work independently with a high degree of efficiency, cleanliness and professionalism and lead a crew. Must be able to cut- in ceiling, base board, one door, and one average window in approximately one hour or less in an average 10x12 bedroom. Paint lines must be straight and the job clean. Must be able to roll out an average 10x12 bedroom in about 20 minutes. (After cut in and proper wall preparation.) Capable of spraying exteriors and interiors. Interior include walls and trim packs. Capable of moving and lifting ladders and equipment. Proficient in use of power washing equipment.


Minimum of 4 - 5 years full time residential and commercial interior and exterior painting experience. Reliable Transportation (Truck/Van a plus). Able to learn, work in fast paced environment, work on a team, and listens to instructions. Must have good verbal and written skills. Capable of passing drug test. Consistently on time. Must be efficient in use of time and able to do skilled work. Proof of ID and Legal Residency Dress must be clean painters whites and have a professional appearance. Must be a team player, good with customers and other workers.

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