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Portland, OR 97230
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We are an innovative automotive tuning and performance shop that caters to customers with a wide range of high-performance vehicles. Always looking to stay ahead of the competition, we have invested in cutting-edge technologies that make us a one-of-a-kind shop here in the Portland area. We specialize in forced induction systems and operate with the goal of extreme performance at a reasonable cost.

Our E-Commerce Manager will oversee and contribute to all aspects of the company's internet sales process. We seek an individual who is passionate about the automotive performance industry and who displays thorough knowledge and creative ideas regarding website development and marketing. Candidates will also display a strong sense of ownership and an eagerness to work with our team to ensure the success of the web store and the overall company.


  • Monitor and maintain company servers and networking infrastructure
  • Build, repair, and maintenance computer desktops, peripherals, and printers
  • Install, configure, update, and maintain computer software for all company workstations
  • Maintain website configurations employing knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS web page design
  • Produce, publish, and monitor advertisement campaigns over multiple platforms, such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google
  • Produce, edit, and publish product marketing videos, optimizing social networking and brand awareness
  • Collaborate with external web designers, support, and sales representatives
  • Produce, edit, and publish product web-listings and ad campaigns
  • Maintain, edit, and add products to the website
  • Package and ship products and kits using warehouse inventory
  • Provide customer support to web-facing customers
  • Develop procedures and methods to strengthen brand awareness and increase the company growth
  • Oversee and contribute to all aspects of the company's internet sales process
  • Develop, execute, and maintain successful marketing and SEO strategies


  • Must be comfortable and able to work within an automotive shop environment
  • Experience with e-commerce stores (intermediate or better)
  • Experience with computer networking and server software support
  • Experience with digital marketing (SEO, PPC, and Graphic/Video editing)
  • Strong problem-solver and ability to structure work time in a flexible environment
  • Knowledge and passion for aftermarket automotive-performance parts
  • Must be goal-oriented and able to achieve SEO and Sales goals
  • Knowledge of shipping procedures, regulations, standards
  • Technical and customer support experience
  • Knowledge of popular graphics software IE: Photoshop/Gimp

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