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Since opening our doors in 2002, Performance Race Engineering, has consistently been a leader in automotive aftermarket sales and service in the Pacific Northwest. Our priority is to provide our clients with high quality products and excellent service as we customize and build their personal vehicle for speed and agility. 

As PRE seeks to enhance its leadership role in the industry, we are excited to add to our existing team of hard-working, dedicated employees. PRE team members have a passion for racing that motivates them to consistently reach for and achieve quality and excellence for our clients. 

We seek individuals who work hard, are excellent team players, and who share our enthusiasm for motor sports. Our automotive technicians must thrive in a fast-paced, technical environment, display exceptional troubleshooting skills, and have the ability to think outside the box. Candidates will demonstrate the ability to diagnose, service, and repair modern, high performance vehicles and will bring with them a deep understanding of aftermarket high performance systems. They will have the skills necessary to install and build these systems with accuracy and efficiency.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 
  • Diagnose driveability and engine conditions Install high performance engines and various engine components 
  • Install suspension systems and perform alignments 
  • Diagnose and install turbocharger systems
  • Fabricate fuel system components 
  • Repair manual transmissions Install performance electronics (gauges, ECUs, etc.) 
  • Perform factory service work Build performance engines


Preferred Qualifications
  • Nissan and/or Subaru certifications (encouraged) 
  • 3 years or more experience (can include personal racing experience) 
  • ASE Certifications (encouraged) 
  • Diagnosis and repair of EFI Vehicles Forced Induction Systems Welding and Fabrication EFI Personal Project

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