Happiness Index

Happiness Index

Measuring employee engagement has never been this easy or accurate! eRep has taken employee happiness surveys to a new level by integrating Happiness Index with each employee's individual CVI score.

We were able to eliminate annual performance evaluations after we switched to Performance Fuel.

Happiness Index

The Happiness Index is a revolutionary way to measure team satisfaction, engagement, and fulfillment. Because the Happiness Index integrates with each individual's CVI score, the results are accurate, insightful, and unique — yet use a standardized and familiar 0%-100% scale.

Hitting the Target

The Core Values Index defines your innate, unchanging nature. It is the target that represents your potential for happiness, engagement, and fulfillment. The Happiness Index is an insightful snapshot in time that represents how close you are to hitting that target.

Happiness Index is included with all eRep employer accounts and provides an unlimited number of assessments.


Measuring employee engagement has never been this easy!

  • Happiness Index assessments take about 8-10 minutes to complete
  • Results are weighted based on the individual's CVI score
  • All scores are on a familiar 0%-100% scale to make progress and comparisons super simple

Results are grouped into five categories that let managers and individuals drill down to areas of greatest happiness and areas for concern:

  • Connectedness
  • Processes
  • Fairness
  • Challenges
  • Inspiration


Employers can send Happiness Index assessment invitations to their entire team as often as once per day (quarterly is the recommended cadence).

Anyone on the team with a CVI score can take the Happiness Index assessment.

Powerful reports give managers the metrics they need to track both individual and entire team happiness, engagement, and fulfillment over time.


The eRep Happiness Index application is included with all Employer account types at no additional charge.

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