Employer Success

Employer Success

Put the right people into the right seats and fuel their performance to new levels.

People are the foundation of your success and eRep has the integrated suite of world-class employer tools to take your team's performance to the next level.

Turnover of staff hired through a Top Performer Profile has dropped to practically zero.

Risk Free Discovery Program

The best way to learn how eRep Employer Services and the Core Values Index psychometric assessment can benefit your organization is to try our Risk Free Discovery Program and get 3 CVIs for free.

Get 3 CVIs plus a one-on-one consultation with a CVI expert without cost or obligation.

eRep's Integrated Hiring and Performance Tools leverage the unrivaled accuracy and reliability of the Core Values Index psychometric assessment. More than a mere personality test, the CVI gives you laser-like accuracy to align candidate potential with each role's specific requirements. It is the foundation of everything we do.

Integrated Hiring and Performance Tools

Maximize your company's hiring and team performance with the power of the Core Values Index, the psychometric assessment with the highest repeat reliability on the market today.

No other candidate assessment tool else even comes close.

  • The Core Values Index scores 97.7% repeat reliability in longitudinal studies [PDF].
  • The CVI is more reliable and easier to administer than Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ (MBTI) which struggles to reach 70%.

Our Suite of Employer Success Tools

Top Performer Profile™ (TPP)

Use a TPP to define the role, then match applicants based on their CVI profile with unprecedented accuracy.

Candidates hired with a 'high recommend' TPP+CVI match are often up to 200% more productive than those hired through traditional selection methods.

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Applicant Tracking System

With our powerful yet insanely simple Applicant Tracking System, you can manage applicants through the entire hiring lifecycle.

eRep's ATS is fully integrated with Top Performer Profiles and candidate CVI's.

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Job Listings

Post job listings and get national exposure through ZipRecruiter™ integration for a low monthly fee.

Integration with our Applicant Tracking System is automatic and seamless.

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Apex (Pay Equity)

Ensuring your organization pays your staff equitably (as defined by the law) can be a very time-consuming and burdensome endeavor. Apex was created by eRep to make this process as easy and accurate as possible.

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Core Values Index (CVI)

Harness the power of the CVI across your entire team and ensure everyone is in the right seat for their strengths and core values profile.

The CVI is the psychometric assessment that has the highest repeat reliability (97.7%) on the market today. Nothing else even comes close.

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Performance Fuel

Fuel your team's performance with measurable outcomes and objectives.

Leverage the powerful Performance Fuel Formula of clarity, purpose and feedback for greater employee engagement and productivity.

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Happiness Index

Measuring employee engagement has never been this easy or accurate!

eRep has taken employee happiness surveys to a new level by integrating Happiness Index with each employee's individual CVI score.

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Executive Services

Business leaders need tools that give them an edge.

The CVI is the foundation upon which successful leadership begins.

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Risk Free Discovery Program

Get 3 CVIs plus a one-on-one consultation with a CVI expert without cost or obligation.

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The bottom line dramatically improved after we implemented the CVI and started putting the right people into the right seats.

Kyle Campbell, Owner
Veenhuizen Painting Specialties

My recruiters who have perfect CVI scores effortlessly perform their duties. They are consistent and the job seems to come easier to them.

Adam Morris, Co-founder
SalesFirst Recruiting

We use the CVI extensively when hiring staff so that they have the right profile for their job. The use of the CVI in hiring has been a big success for us.

Dale Lovett, President
Lovett Services

By carefully selecting the right candidates, it develops a highly efficient and engaging environment, which greatly improves an organization's retention rate.

Bobbi Thayer, Nurse Manager
Steck Medical Group