Core Values Index

It's About Wisdom

Your prime ability is to see problems and challenges with clarity and discern how to solve them.

You accurately and efficiently assess situations and provide solutions.

You are naturally creative, often finding novel answers to problems that are truly out of the box.

Nothing gives you more happiness than coming up with a solution to an important problem.


Find Your Solution

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Your one of a kind combination of these emotional energies is what sets you apart as a person. Your scores describe your unique combination of core value energies:

  • Wisdom and Problem Solving
  • Knowledge and Justice
  • Intuition and Human Connections
  • Power and Action

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The CVI achieved 97.7% repeat reliability in longitudinal studies. No other psychometric assessment even comes close.

Your Comprehensive CVI Report—What You Get

What's Included


Customized 17-page report available online and as a downloadable PDF (see sample reports below)
Receive complete information about your personality's DNA, specifically customized for you, in an easy to use format.
Personalized core value quadrant graph Visualize a graphical representation of your core value scores and their relationship to each other.
Your six contribution types Reveal with remarkable detail how six different universal personality traits apply to you.
Core value description Easily understand a description of the primary and secondary components that make you unique.
Success and fulfillment strategies Discover methods for achieving happiness and finding the best path for you.
Challenges and conflict resolution strategies Gain greater understanding of how you instinctively respond to challenging situations as well as methods and insights for improving your relationships.
Unlimited access to the Happiness Index Take a Happiness Index self-assessment as often as you like to gauge what areas of your life are providing the greatest fulfillment.
Downloadable PDF copy of The Core Values Handbook 173-page eBook by Lynn Ellsworth Taylor Learn more about the Core Values Index, how it works and how it can benefit your life.