Core Values Index
Self Assessment

Core Values Index
Self Assessment

Enhance your personal and professional life by learning the true nature of your personality.

What Are You -REALLY- Like?

The CVI is the most accurate and reliable personality assessment available, achieving a 97.7% repeat score in longitudinal studies. No other psychometric assessment even comes close (Myers-Briggs MBTI™, DiSC™, etc.)

Complete the CVI in just 8 minutes and learn your unique makeup of these core value energies:

The Best Value in Psychometric Assessments

Your CVI report includes your scores amongst four core value energies and six emotional contribution types in a 17-page report customized for you with full-color graphs, conflict resolution strategies, and more. Also get "The Core Values Handbook" [PDF] included free!

All this for just $49.95, with a 10-day money back guarantee!

Take the CVI today to find out where your personal and professional strengths lie.

DID YOU KNOW: The CVI achieved 97.7% repeat reliability in longitudinal studies. No other psychometric assessment even comes close. [Source: Seattle Research Partners, 2014]

Your one of a kind combination of the Core Value energies is what makes you unique.

Sample CVI reports:

Do you enjoy gathering knowledge?

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Do you enjoy building relationships?

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Do you enjoy leading the charge?

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Do you enjoy solving problems?

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Your Comprehensive CVI Report—What You Get

What's Included


Customized 17-page report available online and as a downloadable PDF (see sample reports below)
Receive complete information about your personality's DNA, specifically customized for you, in an easy to use format.
Personalized core value quadrant graph Visualize a graphical representation of your core value scores and their relationship to each other.
Your six contribution types Reveal with remarkable detail how six different universal personality traits apply to you.
Core value description Easily understand a description of the primary and secondary components that make you unique.
Success and fulfillment strategies Discover methods for achieving happiness and finding the best path for you.
Challenges and conflict resolution strategies Gain greater understanding of how you instinctively respond to challenging situations as well as methods and insights for improving your relationships.
Unlimited access to the Happiness Index Take a Happiness Index self-assessment as often as you like to gauge what areas of your life are providing the greatest fulfillment.
PDF eBook The Core Values Handbook (173 pages) by Lynn Ellsworth Taylor A $19.95 value! Learn more about the Core Values Index, how it works and how it can benefit your life.

More than just a personality test

The Core Values Index is a psychometric assessment that helps you understand your subconscious. Learn what makes you tick with an unprecedented level of accuracy.

No other personality test or psychometric assessment on the market today comes close* to the accuracy of the Core Values Index — above 97% repeat reliability!

* Compare against Myers-Briggs MBTI which struggles to crack 70% repeat reliability. The CVI achieves 97.7% repeat reliability. Source: Seattle Research Partners, 2014