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  • Quadrant graph showing relative proportions of your core values
  • Primary and secondary core value names (e.g. "Builder/Innovator", "Merchant/Banker", etc.)
  • If you take the free CVI, you can always upgrade to the full report at a later time without having to retake the CVI assessment

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  • Quadrant graph showing relative portions of your core values PLUS actual core value scores
  • Full 17-page report customized specifically for you (see samples below)
  • Primary core value description
  • Secondary core value description
  • Six contribution types and weighted scores (e.g. Intuitive, Practical, Community, etc.)
  • Strategies for success and fulfillment
  • Challenges and conflict resolution strategies
  • Download Core Values Handbook PDF e-book
  • Risk free 10-day money back guarantee!

Sample Reports

Upgrade your CVI and get a customized 17-page report unique to you.