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Steve Williamson, Dir. Product Development, eRep, Inc.
Monday, April 27, 2020

Power, Love, Wisdom and Knowledge

Everyone has a particular combination of these four emotional energies, or core values. It is the ratio of these core values within you that define your personality's DNA.

Does your psychometric profile change over time? Can your psychometric profile be faked? Can you change it at will? We answer these common questions about the immutable nature of your Core Values Index psychometric profile.

Discover your personality's DNA with the Core Values Index psychometric assessment.

Can Your CVI Profile Change Over Time

One of the questions we hear from customers after they take the Core Values Index psychometric assessment is: Does my CVI profile change over time?

In the case of the CVI, no, your profile is established at a very young age and never changes. This has been verified through longitudinal studies that have shown your CVI profile will vary by less than 3% over your lifetime. This 97.7% repeat reliability rating is the highest of any psychometric assessment or personality test available today.

By contrast, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI, struggles to achieve a 70% repeat reliability rating (50% or less is most common).

Can Your CVI Be Faked?

Another question we hear from employers that use the CVI to screen job applicants is: Can the CVI profile be spoofed or faked to meet perceived requirements of a role?

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Although it is possible for someone to take the CVI assessment and get an inaccurate result, they would have to deliberately choose false answers during the assessment and they would have no way to pre-determine their outcome.

The CVI doesn't ask traditional questions where the intended measurement or meaning can be gleaned. On assessments like that, it is feasible for the individual to skew their answers to reach a certain outcome.

Instead, the CVI presents the user with a grouping of four words. The individual chooses two of those four words that mean the most to them. They repeat this process with several more four-word groupings. The meaning behind the words is not obvious so the ability of the individual to skew the results toward an intended result is nearly impossible.

Can You Access Other CVI Energies At Will?

Is your CVI profile rigid? Can you shift between the different personality types at will based on the circumstance?

Although the CVI is highly accurate at reflecting the true, innate and unchanging nature of the individual, it is possible to tap into different emotional energies or core values based on the circumstance and need.

When you complete the CVI and read your full report, you are presented a graph with a set of numbers that show the ratio of each of the four core value energies within you. These four numbers range from 0 to 36, representing zero energy to maximum energy, respectively. All four scores total exactly 72. When you have a high score in one or two energies, the others will be correspondingly lower.

Core value energies that are below 12 are rarely if ever accessed naturally, and if you try, you will find it to be unpleasant, as if you are doing something that isn't normal for you. On the other hand, if you have a core value energy above 25, you will spend the overwhelming majority of your time accessing that particular emotional energy.

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Your scores represent the emotional energy you wish to spend and the kind of activities you prefer to engage in — they represent where you will be happiest. You are capable of engaging in activities that involve core value energies for which you have lower scores, but the lower the score, the less likely you will do so naturally and the less you'll enjoy the activity.

For those people who have a perfectly square CVI profile — 18s in all four core value energies — switching between these emotional energies is relatively easy.

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The Immutable Nature of your Core Values Index Psychometric Profile

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