Get Good at Being You

Steve Williamson, Dir. Product Development, eRep, Inc.
Monday, September 12, 2022
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Get Good at Being You

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What is the formula for your personal success? It likely entails knowing what you want in life and relentlessly pursuing it.

How do you know if what you're pursuing is really what's going to make you happy?

This may seem like an odd question, since most of us think we have a good handle on what makes us happy and what doesn't. Honest introspection may reveal, however, that most of the things we've pursued in our life have involved an embarrassing level of trial and error.

Stop wasting time pursuing your well being by chasing after random butterflies.

To get good at being you means understanding how you are hardwired, and perhaps more importantly, how your hardwiring influences what makes you happy.

We're not talking about favorite flavors of ice cream or which sport you like to play or watch. This is deeper than that. The happiness you're after is the kind of pursuits and vocations and avocations that align with the way you see the world and prefer to operate within it.

Through your life so far, you may have noticed some hints and clues about the kind of things that make you feel fulfilled.

Profiles of Happiness


If you're the kind of person who loves to get things done and to check things off your list, you probably won't find a deep level of happiness pursuing activities that are all about the process and have no beginning, middle or end. You'd enjoy the destination more than the journey, and that will greatly influence how you get good at being you.


Have your joys been found in the company of others? Regardless of the activity itself, the camaraderie and teamwork involved and the delight of motivating everyone to kick things off provide key clues about how you are hardwired. Getting good at being you will likely entail group activities more than solo pursuits.


We are familiar with people who seem to thrive when solving the most challenging problems. They work at NASA or find vaccines for deadly diseases in record time, or they may even spend their working hours at the local hardware store, helping customers find the perfect tool for every home repair job. Does this describe you? Does helping others and finding solutions pique your interest quicker than anything else? Have you ever worked on something that was such an intriguing challenge that you lost track of time? Getting good at being you will likely require some juicy challenges to overcome, tasty problems to solve, and solutions to find where none have been found before.


Picture the scene. It's trivia night at your local pub and you are the points leader. Again. Or in conversation with a friend over lunch, you cite three different studies you read (in their entirety) that support your viewpoint. Perhaps you keep a detailed spreadsheet (or even an SQL database!) to track several aspects of your favorite hobby. It's the details that matter to you, and not having the data you need to get the job done can stress you out all too easily. Getting good at being you will require the opportunity to gather all the data and knowledge required to make sure you are never caught in a position of ignorance.

What is Your CVI Profile?

These four scenarios describe the four core value energies or primary personality types described in the Core Values Index psychometric assessment. (They are called "Builder", "Merchant", "Innovator" and "Banker" respectively.) When you take the CVI, you find out how much of these core value energies make up your personality. There is a specific ratio of these core value energies within you, and combined with your life experiences, they are what make you unique.

The CVI only takes 8 minutes to complete.

Getting good at being you entails knowledge of your CVI profile. Learning how much Builder or Banker or Innovator or Merchant lies within you will help guide you in your pursuit of the things that make you happiest.

This knowledge can help you determine what career track is most aligned with your innate hardwiring — it can direct you toward the job that will feel like it was custom-made just for you.

The ratio of core value energies within you can even influence the success of your personal relationships. Are you with someone who has a radically different profile or nearly identical to your own? Neither is a guarantee of success or failure, but going through life in a relationship ignorant of where each of you is coming from and how each of you sees the world will make that pairing more challenging than it needs to be.

Whether it's your career, relationships, or even your hobbies, your CVI profile can help you find the path most aligned with your personality's DNA.

To get good at being you, get informed about who you are and how you are hardwired. Take the CVI to get started. Without it, you'll be flying blind and chasing random butterflies.

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Go to to learn more about the CVI or to take the Core Values Index assessment.

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Steve Williamson

Steve Williamson

Innovator/Banker - Dir. Product Development, eRep, Inc.

Steve has a career in information technology, software development, and project management spanning three decades. He is the author of a series of fantasy novels called The Taesian Chronicles (, and when he isn't writing he is an aspiring multi-instrumentalist and composer, a virtual pilot in a home-built flight simulator, and a cyclist.

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