Success Stories

Success Stories

Read about individuals and employers that have used the Core Values Index psychometric assessment to foster their own success.

Success Stories

Veenhuizen Painting Specialties — Portland, Oregon

Owner Kyle Campbell says, "I purchased Veenhuizen Painting from the founder when he retired. It didn't take long to realize there were operational problems, sales problems, and staffing problems that needed solutions."

"It was a lot to tackle. The first thing I did was have the entire staff take the Core Values Index psychometric assessment."

Has the CVI helped?

"In the four years since then, I make more than ever and I now work about sixteen hours a week instead of fifty. The CVI has been the most important single factor in creating this success."

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Bobbi Thayer — Quality Assurance and Compliance, Steck Medical Group, Chehalis, Washington

"The Core Values Index psychometric assessment has taught me that we all have different learning styles, method of communication, and overall approach to everyday routines. It has also provided me with a better understanding of what I need to do in my role. I am more successful when providing training to staff, and my implementation of workflows and overall communication has improved. I have also noticed that employee satisfaction and motivation in our organization has increased significantly."

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Lovett Services — Portland, Oregon

President and founder, Dale Lovett, came to learn about the Core Values Index psychometric assessment early on and has been a strong believer in the power of the CVI ever since on both a personal and professional level.

Dale says, "We use the CVI extensively when hiring staff to make sure they have the right profile for their job. The use of the CVI in hiring has been a big success for us."

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Adam Morris — Co-Founder, SalesFirst Recruiting

Adam Morris, co-founder of SalesFirst Recruiting, faced challenges recruiting internally because they are so selective. Using Top Performer Profiles™ and the Core Values Index psychometric assessment helped SalesFirst bring on rockstar employees.

"My recruiters who have 'perfect' CVI scores effortlessly perform their duties. They are more consistent and the job seems to come easier to them. All my recruiters are really skilled in so many different ways, but I notice much more stability from my recruiters who score within our Top Performer Profile™"

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