The True You

Powered by the
Core Values Index
Psychometric Assessment (CVI)

The True You

Powered by the Core Values Index Psychometric Assessment (CVI)


  • Discover your happiness
  • Understand your personality's DNA
  • Find your authentic self

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  • Find the job that makes you happy
  • Search jobs in your area
  • Fast and easy resume builder


  • Accurate hiring
  • Put the right people in the right roles
  • Fuel performance after the hire

Discover The true you with the Core Values Index (CVI)

The CVI is the personality test and psychometric assessment that only takes 8 minutes!

There is no better way to discover your true happiness than the Core Values Index assessment. Over 1 million people have discovered the CVI, the personality test that actually works.

  • The CVI is the most reliable personality test and psychometric assessment ever created.
  • It reveals your personality's DNA better than anything else on the market today.
  • Nothing else even comes close. Really.

Whether you are an individual searching to discover your true happiness, or an employer looking to hire and empower top performers, the Core Values Index assessment can help you reach new ground.


  • The Core Values Index (CVI) is the only completely objective personal assessment available.
  • Our 97.7% reliability rating is unmatched. No other psychometric assessment or personality test even comes close.
  • Your results are presented with graphics, text, and videos to fit every learning style.
  • The Complete CVI provides results that are customized specifically for you.
  • The assessment takes less than 10 minutes to complete.


  • Efficiently and effectively seek new talent with one-stop job posting
  • Screen candidates based on their objective CVI scores
  • Define the role with Top Performer Profiles™ and match candidates based on their CVI score
  • Easily sort and select candidates with our powerful Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Boost team productivity and engagement with Performance Fuel
  • Measure and enhance employee engagement with Happiness Index

Happy Customers

The CVI has proven to be a very positive tool. Having the ability to identify and develop the right profile to fulfill the needs of any organization ensures positive performance and overall success. By carefully selecting the right candidates, it develops a highly efficient and engaging environment, which greatly improves retention rate.

Bobbi Thayer, Nurse Manager, Steck Medical Group