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Essential Wholesale & Labs
Portland 97210
Base + commission $45K to $70K total comp.
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We have an exciting opportunity for a very special Customer Account Executive to assist our customers in building their dream in our Private Label Division! 

When you join Essential Wholesale & Labs you'll be part of the growing Indie Natural & Organic Skin Care movement. You'll work with entrepreneurs and small business professionals who are passionate about creating and selling sustainable, efficacious and amazing skin care without harming the planet. We are a growing natural and organic cosmetic manufacturer, distributor, and eCommerce company located in NW Portland and we serve thousands of customers throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world. 

We also supply hundreds of all natural and naturally derived ingredients including essential oils, fixed or carrier oils, butters, waxes, hydrosols or distillates, soap making and aromatherapy supplies. We are in a green industry, our customers are green, and it would be nice if you were at least a little green too!

This position is in our exciting and fast-paced Private Label Division. You will be the conduit and interrupter between the customer, our lab, and monitor and manage multiple projects as they move from concept to fruition and you will operate as a member of a cross-functional team. This is a non-exempt, full-time Customer Account Executive position and we seek a person who excels in handling multiple projects, is accurate, is detail oriented with strong follow up and follow through. We have more business coming our way than we can handle so we are looking for someone willing to strap in, roll up their sleeves, and make a difference at our fast-growing company. 

Scheduled hours are M - Th 8 - 5 & Fri 8 - noon (subject to change depending on business need). We are looking for a good match for both of us so if the section below describes you, we look forward to hearing from you. We value transparency with our clients and have a high-bar for providing exceptional customer experiences.


Bring your creative but organized spirit to Essential! 
You'll work every day in brainstorming, problem-solving and moving projects forward-- all to help Indie businesses grow. If you find the description below describes you to a T, please apply! 

You are even tempered, have an optimistic attitude which projects a positive, professional public image and contributes to the morale of the office. 
You got "A's" in spelling in grade school, have great grammar and can communicate verbally and in writing in a professional manner and when you receive sloppy emails you have the urge to correct them and send them back. 
You have a natural gift for listening and know that doing so goes much further in satisfying your customer-s needs than doing all the talking yourself. 
You have a sense of humor and can take daily challenges and normal work stresses in stride, but you don-t lose sight of getting the job done. 
You are unflappable; even when we are panicking (panic hasn't happened yet but we are planning for it). 
You love to learn and creativity feeds your soul. Even if you don't know how to do something you love to expand your horizons with a willing spirit and will give anything your best shot. 
You cannot do the job if you are not at work and your co-workers and our customers are counting on you! 
You must have a service attitude and be diplomatic in your communication with customers and other employees and be a team player. ABLE TO COORDINATE MULTIPLE PROJECTS WITHOUT BREAKING A SWEAT; meaning you are aware of the status of all projects all the time and all paperwork is in order and completed on time so that management can tell where each project is at any point in time. 
You are organized; you alphabetize your spices, arrange your clothes by color, you are a neat freak; friends tease you about having OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). 
You can make order out of chaos in a single bound, even without your cape and tights. Math is fun; you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide, and compute rate, ratio, and percent and have the ability to convert units of measurement. 
You already have a love/hate relationship with scheduling and want things done on time. Once a task is delegated to you, people can forget about it because it is as good as done. 
You do not think "profit" is a dirty word; you realize it's necessary to pay for quality ingredients, create decent paying jobs with benefits, and provide funding to grow the company to enhance everyone's lives. 
You are smart and you know it; have a strong self-concept and are confident but not too conceited. 
You love wearing different hats and keeping lots of balls in the air at once but have the good sense to share your balls rather than dropping them when you are getting overwhelmed. 
You love working with multiple personalities; not necessarily all in the same person. 
You have integrity, exhibit honesty, discretion, and sound judgment-even when no one is watching. Does this sound like you? Apply using the link below.



  • Knowledge or serious interest in learning about indie skin care and the cosmetics business. 
  • Personal computer skills including Excel and Word. 
  • Working with little supervision, prioritizing, making sound decisions, and using good judgment. ABILTIY TOUCH TYPE, SPELL, WRITE WITH PROPER GRAMMAR AND SPEAK PROFESSIONALLY. 
  • The desire and ability to serve because the success of every business is based on excellent customer service. 
  • A high degree of initiative and the ability to work independently and deal with a high volume of work amidst distractions and time pressures. 
  • The ability to develop effective working relationships with all levels of management, vendors, customers, and the public. 
  • Maintaining and developing relationships with existing customers to expand revenue and better serve the customers while working as a member of a cross-functional team to deliver products that meet the customer-s needs. 
  • Gaining a clear understanding of the customers business, requirements, and learning so you can help the customer achieve their business objectives in a profitable manner for both the company and the customer. 
  • A key element of your job is to build a win/win relationship. 
  • Keeping current with the industry trends and product innovations. 
  • Negotiating price, costs, delivery and specifications with buyers and managers. 
  • Communicating with customers by phone, email, and in person as required; recording sales and order information and sending copies to the sales office and entering sales data into the computer system. 
  • Write prototype directives and review with R&D, placing orders, completing all required paperwork.

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