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N8 Excavation
Boring OR 97009
Employment Type

   New Position Available - Estimator

 Located in East County, Portland Oregon

Our Mission & Culture:

 N8 exists to be a profitable company, to provide for our families- prosperity, and to make a positive difference in peoples- lives.  With this foundation; employees, customers, vendors, the general public will experience the positive impact that N8 brings to our community and our sphere of influence.   

Position Description:
The primary contribution of the Estimator role to the company is to bring an attention to detail, to be focused and to see all aspects of potential projects. They will be willing to gather all needed information and provide opportunities for project efficiency. The will possess the ability to accurately estimate project costs and timelines. They will communicate project details and expectations to the foreman, subs and team. The ability to be flexible and customer oriented is a requirement. Success in this role will produce 1.5 bids per week, average bid size of $100,000 at a gross margin of 50%. 


Job Responsibilities:
  • Complete an estimate, bid, proposal
  • Take offs and software based estimation (heavy bids and ad tech) 
  • Job walks 
  • Briefing from GM
  • Communicate with foreman, vendors, project managers and team 


  • 3 years of successful Estimating experience - in the excavation industry
  • Ability to read and interpret construction plans
  • Ability to operate Heavy Bids and Agtek software preferred 
  • Strong work ethic, willing to work long days when needed
  • Demonstrate positive attitude
  • Ability to communicate and articulate with all related individuals in their circle of work
  • References: 2 character, 2 professional

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