Core Values Index Assessment Sample Report

Your CVI assessment has determined you are an INNOVATOR-MERCHANT

This means 68% of your core value energy comes from Wisdom and Love.

What does this mean? This means your primary core value is innovator — An innovator's core value energy is Wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to see the way things are, and discern what to do about it. You accurately assess situations and provide solutions. Your secondary core value is merchant — A merchant's core value energy is Love. Love in this sense is working toward an inspired vision of what can be, by nurturing the core values in one's self and in others. You thrive at building relationships and providing an inspired vision for those around you.

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Who I Am

Your scores indicate you have INNOVATOR/MERCHANT tendencies. When you enter a room there is more wisdom and love energy suddenly in that room. You are the presence of loving wisdom. This is your assignment, to be the effective presence of loving wisdom. You look at the circumstances and situations around you through the eyes of compassion and truth. You operate from reason and intuition, seeing the way things are. Asking questions and deriving the right responses, best strategies and most workable solutions. This is balanced by your intuitive and reasoning capacity to see who people really are. You try to understand their needs and wants. You work to nurture and support them and yourself. Your highest and best contribution can only be made in situations in which there is a significant and constant need for loving wisdom.

Who you are at the deepest innate level of your human nature is the most important element in your life. Who you are at this deep level is, after all, the only thing you really contribute to this world. It is through right assignment and effective choices that you make your highest and best contribution. This is the universal mission of all people.

The more you learn about who you really are, and how to optimize your presence in this world, the greater will be your success, happiness and life effectiveness.

Your dominant Innovator value energy is balanced by your Merchant secondary value energy. Your actions are routinely, almost equally, guided by these two core energies. In times of distress you will usually rely on the conflict strategies of your dominant core energy. In less critical conflicts you may use either conflict strategy given the situation.

Your unique dominant INNOVATOR core energy causes you to rely upon the following strategies for success and fulfillment.

This section would describe specific information unique to your primary core value, including how you process and respond to information, your innate motivations, natural behaviors and responses, and so forth.

Your unique secondary MERCHANT core energy supports your dominant INNOVATOR core energy.

This section would describe specific information unique to your secondary core value and how it supports your primary core value energy. Included is information describing how you process and respond to information, your innate motivations, natural behaviors and responses, and so forth.

INNOVATORS-Your Dominant Core Energy

This section goes into greater detail about how your primary core value energy impacts and influences your responses to work, social, and other life situations.

Innovator Challenges

This section is an important part of your Core Values Index report, as it describes how your primary core value energy influences your natural responses to challenges, conflict, and other situations that take you out of your core value energies.


Understanding your primary and secondary core value energies is important, but learning about the combination of those energies unique to you is very important. This section goes into further detail that expands upon your combination of primary and secondary core value energies.

Core Values and Contribution Types

Core Values

Quadrant Core Value
Builder Power
Merchant Love
Innovator Wisdom
Banker Knowledge

The combination graph you see provides powerful insight about the weighted energies between your core values and your six contribution types. Are you Intuitive and Community focused? Is your Banker energy dominant over your Builder core value? This chart shows the relationships between your four core value energies and your six contribution types.

We all face situations that make us feel vulnerable, and we respond to those circumstances in ways unique to our particular core value energy profile. This section provides powerful insight about these situations and provides strategies that help guide you forward.

Core Values Learning Styles™

Everyone learns new information in their own special way. This learning style is strongly influenced by your specific combination of primary and secondary core value energies. This section provides powerful insight and strategies pertinent to your particular learning style based on your core value energy profile.

Conflict Strategies

Understanding how we react to situations that are counter to our innate, unchanging nature is useful and powerful insight. This section of your full Core Values Index report goes into great detail about how you respond to these situations. Strategies are provided that guide you through them toward greater understanding and more productive interaction with others.